Au naturel!

Au naturel!

Hello. I'm AOK.

I was born and raised in Chicago, which is where I honed my skills for eating half of a deep dish pizza in one sitting and the super human ability to take a nap anywhere. Professionally, I am a senior art director with a passion for creative problem solving and killer design. I have yet to figure out how that mosquito got into my room last night, but I'm working on a solve :) 

After living in NYC for almost a decade, my wife and I needed a recharge. We quit our jobs and took a creative sabbatical to travel for 4 months. After moving all of our earthly possessions into my parents' basement in Chicago, we set off to Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Japan, and more. I currently live and work in Chicago.

Email me at if you want to reach me or my hair.

Alan O. Kwon