Sometimes you can capture unicorns but you must be quick.
Below are some projects that I have made or participated in. Check them out if you like.


New York City Kimchi Contest - Kimchi King
I participated in an amazing kimchi contest--with over 20 contestants--thrown by a very popular Korean food blogger named Maangchi. Shockingly, I ended up winning first place and got crowned Kimchi King! For a full blog post on the event, click here


NYC Subway Billboard Time-lapse
Taking the subway to work every morning and standing at the same spot made me notice how funny and creative people can be when they graffiti billboards. For 6 months or more, I documented the same billboard location to show how "interactive" they are.


Big Ad Gig Competition
The Big Ad Gig is a competition during Advertising Week in which creative hopefuls compete to fill one of five 30-day paid freelance positions. The video answers the question,"Why do you deserve a big ad gig?" This was my video entry that got me into the finals. More info here.


 EPA - 4.1lbs
A video that reminds us that we are stuck with the trash we make everyday.


Earth Day Paper Tree Time Lapse
At the end of every workday I saw tons of paper that had been thrown away in recycle bins and normal trash bins. That begged the question: How many trees exist in our trash bins? To create awareness about the amount of paper we use everyday, my partner and I gathered all the paper the agency uses in one day and created an origami tree that rose to at least 10 feet in height. Launched on Earth Day, this origami tree was set up prominently near the entrance of the agency with a simple message: SAVE TREES.